This is where the story begins.  


Our mug club is comprised of beautiful, one of a kind ceramic mugs from Ryan Dalman (Dalman Pottery). Ryan, AKA Rad, is a friend of ours who lives north of town a bit. Each mug is hand thrown then cured in a massive wood-fired kiln for 24hours. It's an incredible labor intensive process, with outstanding results. Rad even has a beer made in his honor, the Potter's Porter. 

Looking to get into the mug club? Sorry to say we do not have space left for an open membership. However, maybe you can get lucky if we have a special event or sale. 


When you sit down at the pub to enjoy a beer, chances are you're sitting on a piece of art. It's hard to miss the stools, chairs, and tables furnished from bicycle parts. These beautiful pieces of functional art come from our good friend Andy Gregg (Bike Furniture Design).  Andy makes all of his bike furniture just a short ride down the street from us, and we have been happy to act as an unofficial gallery for some of his designs. 

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