In 2010, David and Andy were looking down the barrel of economic downsizing in their industry. Looking at it as an opportunity instead of a problem, the two set out to take their basement hobby to a new level. The dream of all home-brewers; to go "legit" and open a commercial brewery, presented itself as a once in a lifetime opportunity. The two agreed upon a Nano Brewery (1 BBL brewhouse). Although they were hopeful it would be well received, they had no idea the amount of interest the locals had for craft beers. Along the way they found and hired on some awesome people to bring the brewery altogether. Blackrocks still brews beer at the original pub on 3rd St, as well as a 20 BBL production system in Marquette. two key ideas fuel Blackrocks on a day to day basis, always make the best beer possible and always have fun while doing it.  

David Manson- Co-Founder, Ambassador of Fermentology

Chris "Chutte" Hutte- Friar Chutte, Monk of the Mash, Gangster of the Great White North, Friend to Woodland Creatures Big and Small

Steve Farr- Pirate of Propaganda

Alex Leckie- Button Buck

Steve Kelly- Choir Boy

Ethan VanLente - Intern

Ethan VanLente- Intern

Maria Hoffman-  Lil Ma

Maria Hoffman- Lil Ma

P-Man - Sometimes Part-time College Laborer

P-Man- Sometimes Part-time College Laborer

Unicorn- Lazy Ass

Andy Langlois- Co-Founder, Brewsician

Andrew Reeves- Wizard of Ales AKA Ratpup

Charles Hotelling- Muffin Man

Neil Washburn- Lingonberry Pancake

Evan Simula- CanBASSador

Austin Damm- Resident Animal Trainer and Yoga Guru

Kara Finney - Resident Ass Kicker and Sunday Sweetheart

Kara Finney- Resident Ass Kicker and Sunday Sweetheart

Stephen Wolf-  Lab Nerd

Stephen Wolf- Lab Nerd

Nevin Brownell- Resident Lawn Gnome