Winter Seasonal

You may have seen some recent posts/pictures hinting at a new beer from us (if you haven't then I need to get better at my job). Well you bethcha! On November 14th/15th we are releasing the North Third Stout, a super flavorful Foreign Extra Stout. In fact I can hear Chutte clanging away in the brewhouse right now as he brews the first batch. Once Chutte is done today we will let it sit in the fermentor for a couple weeks so the yeast can get down and do their thing (sex and eat), then we start filling up cans to send them out! 

Mirroring the Honey Lav which was around for the summer months, the North Third will grace our gnarly Michigan winter months. As well as in cans you can find the stout on tap at the pub throughout the winter. Look for it soon!




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