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If you've spent  3 or 4 beers worth of time  in the pub than you've most likely seen a decent amount of people drinking a beer after a mountain bike ride. Dirty shoes, sweaty, thirsty, maybe even still wearing their helmets (Andy). Marquette is an amazing place to ride bikes (year round) and thanks to our good buds at the NTN Singletrack, we have miles and miles of world class trails just a short jaunt from the pub. Many of us at Blackrocks are avid riders and/or hikers who get out on these trails often. Since we like to play as much as we like to make/drink beer, we get really excited to help organize races and events on these trails. And since we are true Midwestern folk we don't run inside when the snow starts dumping in measurable feet, we suit up and play in it.

For all of those reasons we have jumped on board at the Title Sponsor of a new fat bike race this winter, The 906 Polar Roll. A 35 or 18 mile point to point race starting in Ishpeming and ending in Marquette. 35 Miles! Yeah, make no mistake, the long race will be a challenge. So you can feel good about slamming a few extra IPAs after the finish (or during...). The long race is also part of the Great Lakes Fatbike Series. Set for February 21st, the race will take you over all of the SBT (Snow Bike Trail, Ishpeming) and the SBR (Snow Bike Route, Marquette) with a beer infused after party at our production facility to follow. So gear up and lets ride bikes and drink beers!

Check out the event website here for more info.

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