More Tanks = More Beer

A lot of heavy machinery was buzzing in and around the brewery last week, and not just to feed our lust of big, heavy, loud things (although that did happen). Last Monday we had 4 big (at least for us), shiny new tanks arrive fresh from Wisconsin. More specifically, we received 3 new fermentors and 1 new brite tank. 


This new equipment will give us a 60% production boost from our current capacity. That's a pretty big jump for us! With more production we will be able to keep Michigan better supplied. 

It's always a nerve-racking moving new equipment in to the brew house. Unloading the tanks, navigating them through the door, avoiding other equipment, then standing them up, all while they are hanging on straps is enough to keep us all on edge. Despite the rain all day everything went smoothly, and the tanks are safely tucked in. We even managed to break away and stuff our faces with some tasty Pat's burgers while we waited for some unloading equipment. 

We know a lot you have been asking for more, especially our down state friends. We appreciate your support and patience; we are very excited to get these tank in use and start sending out more beer. 

Our contractors have been busting their butts to get the tanks operational. Then the Cellermen will get them prepped for beer. Then the Brewers will fill 'em up. Then the Canners will empty them and fill up cans. Then you guys can empty the cans! 

Time to get to work!