New Look - Classic Pilsner

New can. Same beer. More of it.

You hopefully recognize the name, but the face is a bit different.

Introducing the new look of the Classic Pilsner. Why the change? Let's explain. 

Our relationship to this beer is simple, we love it. We often call this a "brewer's beer." A clean, refreshing, tasty beer that is a go to for employees at the end of the day.

We drink a lot of it. 


Dive into our world for a minute.

We have three brewing systems; a 1 bbl pilot system, 3 bbl pub system, and 40 bbl production system. 

Blackrocks was founded on the idea of brewing many styles and variations of those styles. We brew beer we like and want, and what we hope our customers will like and want. The 1 and 3 bbl systems are ideal for this, with their smaller volumes we can iterate quickly.

We like to bring this variety to the production system too, hence the labeled cans. These limited/seasonal beers are our way of providing the variety and diversity of flavors outside the taproom. 

Now back to the Classic Pilsner, this is the first time we have moved a limited release beer up to full rotation. We are excited about it.

With the move to a full time release we felt the can needed a refreshing look. The original label was beginning to feel a bit uninspired and not the best representation of the beer. 


Enter Dan and Paul. 

If you have ever visited the pub, you've probably noticed a cool bicycle on display. These rotational bikes are courtesy of the brothers, Dan and Paul. They bring them in from their personal collection to showcase every couple months.







This spring it was an early 70's Schwinn Paramount. It's beautiful.

Black, red, chrome, shiny Campagnolo components, world champion stripes. This is a classic frame. 

The decision was easy, pay homage to this bike with a redesign of the Classic Pilsner. Let the silver of the can shine, clean lines and text, add a pop of color with the championship stripes. 







So with that we give you the newest full time beer. Same great Pilsner, with a new yet classic look.  


We love it, we think you will too.